Keeping the Tills Ringing for this eCommerce Platform

Learn how Severalnines and ClusterControl empowered VidaXL’s eCommerce platform to scale across servers and centralize their database management
Data Center
VidaXL is one of the largest international e-retailers. vidaXL caters to the product hunters, offering items for inside and outside the home at competitive prices. They have a current catalogue of over 20,000 products to choose from and selling directly in 29 countries.
The eCommerce company is growing and it has an aim of expanding its product catalogue to over 10,000,000 items within the next 12 months. This extremely large selection of goods creates a wealth of new data; images alone in the catalogue create roughly 100 terabytes worth of data, and the products rows between one to two terabytes. The increase of data originally required vidaXL to hire more database administrators (DBAs), but it searched for a cost effective solution.
ClusterControl was deployed to manage the database systems. As scaling was an issue for vidaXL, particularly the horizontal scaling of its servers, ClusterControl as a single platform replaced the need for a combination of tools and the sometimes unreliable command line control. The ClusterControl deployment took around one week to implement, with no extra support required from Severalnines.

Why Severalnines

ClusterControl was easily integrated within a polyglot framework, managing different databases with the same efficiency. vidaXL is using several different databases, MongoDB and MySQL for product and customer listings, along with ElasticSearch, for its real-time search capabilities; ClusterControl was plugged in to automate management and give control over scaling of MongoDB and MySQL. The operations team also leveraged it for proactive reporting.
“Using several different tools, rather than a one-stop shop, was detrimental to our productivity. Severalnines is that “shop” and we haven’t looked back. It’s an awesome solution like no other.”
Zeger Knops, Head of Business Technology

Polyglot Persistence: Utilizing Open Source Databases as a Swiss Pocket Knife

Over the past few years, VidaXL has become a European market leader in the online retail of slow moving consumer goods. When a company achieved over 50% year over year growth for the past 9 years, there is hardly enough time to overhaul existing systems. This means existing systems will be stretched to the maximum of their capabilities, and often additional performance will be gained by utilizing a large variety of datastores.