Achieving Database High Availability in Medical Industry

Full Ops PostgreSQL database management for mission-critical medical applications.
United Kingdom
Data Center
The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) is the largest specialist orthopedic hospital in the UK treating more than 120,000 neuro-musculoskeletal patients yearly.
RNOH clinical web application, a mission critical application, is architectured on an open source technology stack with PostgreSQL as its backend database. They had less experience PostgreSQL in production, let alone deploying and managing PostgreSQL clusters for high performance and availability.
RNOH IT team started their search for PostgreSQL experts in the market and found ClusterControl by Severalnines.ClusterControl could deploy, configure replication, achieve high availability, and monitor PostgreSQL, and it was a perfect fit for their requirements.

Why Severalnines

With ClusterControl, you don't need to have a dedicated DBA to administer the open source database technology. When RNOH adopted PostgreSQL, they required a solution to manage it to achieve high availability and minimize any downtime with their existing team. Severalnines offered full ops database automation to deploy, manage and monitor PostgreSQL databases for high availability and faster restoration in case disaster strikes.
“Many of our applications that we use to deliver care to our patients rely on database backends that we host locally. Most of these systems are mission critical and uptime is of utmost importance, as is reliable backup and restoration processes to prevent data loss.”