Reducing Man Hours and Increasing Database Performance at Payment Provider

Advanced monitoring and performance alerts coupled with automatic failover that saved the company a lot of man hours
Data Center
Westpay provides smart transaction and payment solutions for merchants in-store as well as for the e-commerce and self-service markets. They also offer a complete solution for all types of payments and for all kinds of applications within various industries, such as retail, hotels, restaurants, and the retail banking sector.
The Westpay team always seemed to be playing catch-up, spending hours fixing one problem just to have another arise, occasionally even causing outages when someone would accidentally “break” something by mistake. Their systems were suffering as a victim of their own successful growth and they needed help. They set out to find a better way of doing this, a better way to scale their application without spending countless man hours manually tweaking and tuning. They needed a easy-to-use and reliable, enterprise-grade database management system.
Upon finding ClusterControl they quickly downloaded and started playing with it to see if it met their requirements. “We needed a management product to ensure the highest possible uptime, while running at the best possible performance at all times.” High availability is managed by ClusterControl, with failover procedures completely automated.

Why Severalnines

At Westpay, ClusterControl has saved the Operations Team some very valuable time that they can now spend developing other services. “It’s a great product with great features,” said Nilsson. “It’s well worth the money to ensure stability and the best possible performance.”
“ClusterControl provides the means for ensuring the highest possible uptime as well as running best possible performance at all times.”
Tomas Nilsson, CTO Westpay