Fast Cars & Faster APIs for Disruptive Car Rental Provider

A platform provider for the car rental industry requiring scale and performance for their application
Information Technology
United Kingdom
Data Center
2 (AWS)
Car Rental Gateway is turning the car rental industry upside-down by providing everyone access at reasonable rates to cutting edge technology that only the largest distributors can afford otherwise.
The team making sure the platform runs at peak performance consists of System Administrators and DevOps Engineers. At the time of writing, they handle more than 100 million API requests a day across some 150 AWS instances. The database technology powering this service used MySQL Galera Cluster which, unfortunately, was not performing well or allowing them to scale efficiently.
The CRG team used ClusterControl to configure and deploy a MariaDB replication cluster with eight slave nodes and two additional nodes utilized for backups and system analytics. The cluster sits behind two Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancers (the Master behind one and the slaves behind the other).

Why Severalnines

ClusterControl provided Car Rental Gateway with several features they required to take their platform to the next level. These features included expanded database technology support, simplified cluster setup & management, performance monitoring, and the ability to scale.
“In two months we were able to go live with new MariaDB replication clusters using ClusterControl. We did not even need assistance from Severalnines to get into production.”
Gotthard Schlüter, Lead DevOps Engineer at Car Rental Gateway