Autonomous MySQL Database Infrastructure for a Data Company

A data-driven company wishing to transform its outdated MySQL database to a modern highly available architecture with automatic failover.
Data Center
BySide is a worldwide digital marketing company specializing in lead generation for the telco, banking, and retail industry.
BySide is a data-centric company that relies heavily on its MySQL database. They need to continually generate and deliver millions of data points hourly with high availability and at high speed for their customers. To continuously fulfil their Service Level Agreements to their users, an immediate review on the current database was required.
The team conducted research on high availability and automatic failover solutions for MySQL. In the end, they shortlisted two solutions which might work for the failover mechanism - Orchestrator and ClusterControl. ClusterControl was the clear winner in the comparison, as it did much more than just failover.

Why Severalnines

ClusterControl was so easy-to-use; letting them perform their entire deployment on their own, without any assistance from the Severalnines support team. With ClusterControl, cluster deployments can be done with a simple to use interface, without any external support or expertise.
“ClusterControl was perfect, it's easy-to-use, built with a failover mechanism, and supports older versions of MySQL. It’s like a database wizard for deploying, managing, and monitoring effortlessly.”
João Pereira, Lead Engineer at BySide