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Providing the full 'deploy, manage, monitor, scale' database life cycle - on premise or in the cloud

Control your Database Infrastructure

Severalnines provides automation and management software for database clusters. We help companies deploy their databases in any environment, and manage all operational aspects to achieve Severalnines availability.

Severalnines' goal is to provide the full 'deploy, manage, monitor, scale' cycle to developers, thus freeing them from the complexity and learning curves that are typically associated with highly available database clusters.

Our Company

The Severalnines team members, mostly ex-MySQL AB staff, have dedicated over a decade of their careers helping telcos and high traffic web properties deploy high availability database clusters. Today there are a number of companies claiming to have invented the perfect database clustering solution that can address all types of database requirements. At Severalnines, we have not seen one solution that fits all database problems. But deploying multiple disparate clustering technologies can become a nightmare, with downloaded or home grown scripts combined to create a patchwork solution for monitoring and managing the database infrastructure.

Severalnines is the only one out there giving users a choice of clustering solution, with tools to deploy and manage their databases from a single and consolidated interface. Severalnines tools are easy to use, and have already enabled over 12,000 deployments.

Meet the team

Vinay Joosery
Chief Executive Officer & co-founder

Vinay is a passionate advocate and builder of concepts and business around distributed database systems.

Prior to co-founding Severalnines, Vinay held the post of Vice-President EMEA at Pentaho Corporation - the Open Source BI leader. He has also held senior management roles at MySQL / Sun Microsystems / Oracle, where he headed the Global MySQL Telecoms Unit, and built the business around MySQL's High Availability and Clustering product lines. Prior to that, Vinay served as Director of Sales & Marketing at Ericsson Alzato, an Ericsson-owned venture focused on large scale real-time databases.

Johan Andersson
Chief Technology Officer & co-founder

Johan's technical background and interest are in high performance computing as demonstrated by the work he did on main-memory clustered databases at Ericsson as well as his research on parallel Java Virtual Machines at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.

Prior to co-founding Severalnines, Johan was Principal Consultant and lead of the MySQL Clustering & High Availability consulting group at MySQL / Sun Microsystems / Oracle, where he designed and implemented large-scale MySQL systems for key customers.

Johan is a regular speaker at MySQL User Conferences as well as other high profile community gatherings with popular talks and tutorials around architecting and tuning MySQL Clusters.

Alexander Yu
Vice President of Products

Alex has been in technology ever since he laid his hands on a VIC-20 and brings experience in product management and software development.

Prior to Severalnines, Alex was Master Principal Sales Consultant at MySQL/Sun Microsystems/Oracle in the APAC region, where he worked with some of the regions largest telecoms service providers and network equipment manufacturers to build massively scalable database infrastructures.

He previously held key development roles in various startups, and was part of the original development team at Ericsson Alzato who developed NDB Cluster (which MySQL acquired in 2003, and is today known as MySQL Cluster).

Alex is based in Tokyo, Japan.

Krzysztof Książek
Director of Support

For nearly 15 years Krzysztof has held positions as a SysAdmin & DBA designing, deploying, and driving the performance of MySQL-based databases. In his role at Severalnines Krzysztof and his team are responsible for delivering 24/7 support for our clients mission-critical applications across a variety of database technologies as well as creating technical content, consulting and training. His spare time is spent with his wife and child as well as the occasional hiking and ski trip.