Galera Cluster for MySQL vs MySQL (NDB) Cluster: A High Level Comparison

Presented by Alex Yu
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Galera Cluster for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Cluster (the three “flavours” of Galera Cluster) use the Galera WSREP libraries to deal with synchronous replication. MySQL Cluster is the official clustering solution from Oracle, while Galera Cluster for MySQL is establishing itself as the de-facto clustering solution in the wider MySQL ecosystem. This webinar looks at all these alternatives and presents an unbiased view on their strengths/weaknesses and the use cases that fit each alternative


  • MySQL Cluster architecture: strengths and limitations
  • Galera Architecture: strengths and limitations
  • Deployment scenarios
  • Data migration
  • Read and write workloads (Optimistic/pessimistic locking)
  • WAN/Geographical replication
  • Schema changes
  • Management and monitoring


Alex Yu

Alex Yu, VP of Products, Severalnines, has been in technology ever since he laid his hands on a VIC-20 and brings experience in product management and software development. Prior to Severalnines, Alex was Master Principal Sales Consultant at MySQL/Sun Microsystems/Oracle in the APAC region, where he worked with some of the region’s largest telecoms service providers and network equipment manufacturers to build massively scalable database infrastructures. He previously held key development roles in various startups, and was part of the original development team at Ericsson Alzato who developed NDB Cluster (which MySQL acquired in 2003, and is today known as MySQL Cluster).

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