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How to use ClusterControl from the command line and integrate with your DevOps tools

Presented by Johan Andersson and Art van Scheppingen

In this webinar we will walk you through the ClusterControl command line toolset capabilities and demonstrate its main functions and DevOps integration aspects.

The Severalnines command line interface offers an open source alternative for the web based ClusterControl User Interface on the command line. You can perform almost any deployment, management or scaling task from the command line; any changes made are also visible in the web UI and vice versa.

The command line client opens up many possibilities to integrate ClusterControl into your infrastructure or development cycle. You can integrate the client easily with existing deployment automation tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef. You will be able to enrich your existing chatbot to interface with ClusterControl or make use of Severalnines’ chatbot called CCBot. The command line client can also create output in various formats, including json, to make integration with any framework easy.


  • What is the ClusterControl command line client?
  • How to install the command line client
  • How to use the command line client
  • Integration possibilities
  • How you can contribute to the command line client
  • Live Demo


Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson, CTO, Severalnines - Johan's technical background and interest are in high performance computing as demonstrated by the work he did on main-memory clustered databases at Ericsson as well as his research on parallel Java Virtual Machines at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Prior to co-founding Severalnines, Johan was Principal Consultant and lead of the MySQL Clustering & High Availability consulting group at MySQL / Sun Microsystems / Oracle, where he designed and implemented large-scale MySQL systems for key customers. Johan is a regular speaker at MySQL User Conferences as well as other high profile community gatherings with popular talks and tutorials around architecting and tuning MySQL Clusters.

Art van Scheppingen

Art van Scheppingen is a Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. He’s a pragmatic MySQL and Database expert with over 15 years experience in web development. He previously worked at Spil Games as Head of Database Engineering, where he kept a broad vision upon the whole database environment: from MySQL to Couchbase, Vertica to Hadoop and from Sphinx Search to SOLR. He regularly presents his work and projects at various conferences (Percona Live, FOSDEM) and related meetups.