Galera Cluster For System Administrators, DBAs And DevOps

Instructor-led, virtual class-room training

Setting up and maintaining database clusters can be tricky. During this one-day, hands-on online training course you will gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to enable you to deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire Galera database clusters efficiently and reliably.

You will learn about

  • Galera Cluster, system architecture & multi-data centre setups
  • Automated deployment & node / cluster recovery
  • How to best migrate data into Galera Cluster
  • Monitoring & troubleshooting basics
  • Load balancing and cluster management techniques

All with hands-on lab exercises!

Who should participate

The course is designed for system administrators & database administrators looking to gain more in depth expertise in the automation and management of Galera Clusters.


Knowledge of basic MySQL and relational databases is required.

Basic concepts in high availability and clustering is recommended as well as basic Linux skills.


An instructor-led online course in a virtual classroom with hands-on lab exercises.

Each student will be provided with an individual, virtual lab access and course materials.


8 hours (1 day)


€750 per student (excl. VAT)


Introduction to Galera Cluster (1 hour)

  • System architecture and overview
  • Multi-data center setups
  • Management and Automation with ClusterControl

Deployment (2 hours)

  • Deployment basics
  • Installing Galera Cluster
  • Node/Cluster Recovery

Data Migration (2 hours)

  • Migrating data into Galera Cluster
    • mysqldump
    • replication from existing system
  • Caveats
  • Hands-on: Load in data and benchmarking (sysbench)

Monitoring (1 hours)

  • Galera Cluster stats to monitor
  • Troubleshooting basics
  • Hands-on: Identify bottlenecks (Query Monitor, queues)

Management: (2 hours)

  • Load-balancing Galera with HAProxy
  • Scaling by adding nodes
  • Backup best practices and Restore
  • Upgrades
  • Hands-on: Schema management