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VoltDB raises $8m to boost big data solutions

Some $8 million (£4.8 million) has been made available to support the arrival of new next-generation solution to manage the growing volumes of business data.   VoltDB has announced it has secured the sum following discussions between a Silicon Valley luminary, two further investors and existing stakeholders.   The money will be used to enable the company to better support new smart applications that tap into some of the most important and innovative technological trends of the time, such as big data and the Internet of Things.   VoltDB is aiming to improve its sales and marketing operations, while it is also aiming to achieve global expansion. It currently has more than 400 commercial customers and these will be targeted with its upcoming range of highly effective solutions.   It is proud of its "no compromise" attitude when it comes to design, which ensures clients receive the world's most powerful platform. And it is not just power that is a priority of the firm's, as it also seeks to achieve unparalleled speed and capacity.   Bruce Reading, chief executive officer at VoltDB, said: "Organisations everywhere are looking to drive competitive business value from new big data applications that can consume, analyse and act on massive amounts of dynamic data in real-time."   He went on to suggest this is "exactly what VoltDB was built for", so it is no surprise the company is now witnessing demand for its products from every single part of the world.   "This new round of funding will enable us to expand to serve this growing customer base," Mr Reading stated.   Forbes recently explained that new trends within the technology market are changing the data landscape, with data warehouses now required to be more agile and innovative than ever before.   VoltDB's customers are known to utilise its in-memory architecture in order to run their everyday operations, whether they are mission critical applications, transportation systems, electricity management or advertising networks.   The company has often been dubbed the father of modern relational database technology.