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ScaleBase unveils version 3.0 of Distributed Data Platform

ScaleBase has announced the launch of its latest cloud-based data solution, which provides an opportunity for businesses to gain access to a wide range of benefits.

The new version 3.0 of its Distributed Database Platform has been unveiled and it its built on MySQL and specially optimised for the cloud. It has the potential to be a vital piece of the data jigsaw for firms in all manner of industries.

Distributed Data Platform is a highly powerful and efficient tool that allows any company that uses it to scale out to a infinite number of users, transactions and data.

What's more, such operations do not even have an effect on the existing code or MySQL infrastructure, with these remaining undisturbed by the arrival of the solution.

And it is not only with the Distributed Data Platform that ScaleBase is making progress, as it has also announced it is launching a new beta program for its latest product, the Analysis Genie.

This is a free offering that aids users in being able to scale out thanks to the use of an expert database scheme and query analysis process.

Ram Metser, chief executive officer at ScaleBase, said: "Our customers need to move from a single MySQL instance to a modern, powerful, distributed database platform. We're making that possible with Version 3.0 - and our new Analysis Genie is the value-add customers have been looking for so they can successfully automate the transition to a scaled out database."

ScaleBase has added several features to its new product that allow easy deployment and management of any database, including dynamic data optimisation, automatic analysis, transparent failover, cloud agnostics and enhanced cross-shard joins.

GenieDB, a fellow MySQL Database-as-a-Service provider, recently told how it was using an appearance at the Game Developers' Conference to highlight just how important high availability solutions are to the industry.