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Hortonworks gets $100m to boost Hadoop

Hadoop developer Hortonworks is set to make a major push to improve the big data processing software with the aid of an additional $100 million in funding that has been secured from a new round of investments.

The company stated it will use the money to help the process of transforming the open-source platform into a true enterprise option, as the extra capital will help it "double down" on its founding principles of making Hadoop a serious option for the largest companies.

It has already gone some way towards this with the launch last year of Hadoop 2.0, which brought in a range of new features to make the management and processing of data easier, faster and more secure. The update added a range of core enterprise requirements, such as security, operations management and data governance tools, while remaining true to the open-source principles at the heart of the solution.

Chief executive of Hortonworks Rob Bearden said: "This funding will enable us to accelerate our investments to expand the reach of our organisation to service our growing and increasingly global customer base."

He added: "There is absolutely no doubt interest in Hadoop is growing around the globe, as evidenced by next week's Hadoop Summit Europe which has completely sold out – surpassing even our most ambitious expectations."

To achieve its goals, he noted that the company's future strategy will be focused in two areas. The first of these will be to consolidate its position as a market leader in Hadoop innovation, addressing critical enterprise requirements with open source solutions.

The company will also extend the Hadoop ecosystem and enable it to become a true modern data architecture, Mr Bearden continued.

Hadoop is rapidly becoming a central part of many business' thinking when it comes to managing and processing the increasing volumes of data they have to deal with in today's environment. A study last October conducted by International Data Corporation on behalf of Red Hat found around a third of firms had already deployed Hadoop into production, while a similar number expected to do so in the next 12 months.