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Get the benefits of DBaaS without surrendering control to hyperscalers and service providers. We enable you to roll your own DBaaS, giving you absolute freedom to deploy high-availability databases wherever you want.

Severalnines's products have been used by hundreds of companies around the world

Database Automation at Work

Remove Complexity

Deploying and managing highly-available database clusters can be complex and each technology has its own set of skill requirements. Our products allow you to perform complex tasks using a GUI; reducing the learning curve.

Reduce Headcount

Don’t have a specialized DBA on staff? With Severalnines there’s no need to add one. Our products let SysAdmins, Devops, and Developers handle the setup and maintenance of your database deployments.

Utilize Proven Methodology

In the open source world there are usually hundreds of scripts and tools to handle different tasks. Our products use the best of the best, battle-tested, proven methodologies so you know your database deployments will be stable and performant.
ClusterControl is an integrated deployment, monitoring, and management automation system for open source databases which provides holistic, real-time control of your database operations in an easy and intuitive experience. It incorporates the best practices learned from thousands of customer deployments in a comprehensive system that helps you manage your open source databases safely and reliably.
“We were very impressed because the whole deployment and management of the cluster was made so easy by the Severalnines tools. There were a number of useful hints in the documentation, which we took advantage of in the production environment. So far, it looks like a small miracle and we are now leveraging this solution in other parts of our infrastructure.”
Václav Adamec, Senior Systems Engineer at AVG
“ClusterControl has surpassed our expectations. It was a perfect fix to time-consuming issues, especially the scalability and availability of the blog section of our customers’ websites. We are confident with big retail events around the corner that our systems can withstand the growth of traffic fuelled by consumer decisions.”
Dominic Day, Head of Managed Hosting at BT Expedite
“The Severalnines team offered excellent, personalised support and gave us practical advice on how to enhance our systems. Thanks to Severalnines, we can spend more time working with our customers to deliver the next generation of content services as our back end is completely protected.”
Laurent Pythoud, IT Web Manager at EBU
“Thanks to Severalnines and its ClusterControl, we decreased the time to deploy MySQL Cluster from a week to about 2 hours. The automation of database management tasks allowed us to improve DBA productivity and lower our costs.”
Werner Van Driessche, System Administrator at Technicolor
“If you’re looking at running multiple replicated database servers across many different physical machines, with many databases of great size, then ClusterControl makes managing that real estate considerably easier and less resource intensive.”
David Hinchliffe, Head of IT at Blue Light Card
“We tested extensively the failure scenarios and ClusterControl behaved accordingly, giving us confidence in our infrastructure. This also allowed us to have better processes for maintenance operations. We have increased uptime and productivity. It’s now way easier to perform maintenance operations.”
Jérémie Bordier, IT Infrastructure Consultant of Instant Gaming
Backup Ninja is a simple, secure, and cost-effective SaaS service you can use to backup the world’s most popular open source databases; locally or in the cloud. It easily connects to your database server through the “bartender” agent, allowing the service to manage the storage of fully-encrypted backups on the cloud storage provider of your choosing.
CCX DBaaS is a fully managed database service developed by Severalnines. Built on the power of database automation found in ClusterControl, CCX will provide users with the ability to quickly and easily spin-up fully managed highly available database clusters in the cloud.