Hybrid Operations

ClusterControl provides seamless database operations across all environments. Wherever your infrastructure is, you can deploy on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup according to the business needs.

Leverage the benefits of each from a single pane of glass, without locking yourself into a proprietary tool or service.

Learn how you can easily automate your hybrid and multi-cloud database operations, no-strings-attached.

Available with these databases

Wherever the database, ClusterControl can help you with your hybrid deployment models, ensuring data sovereignty across your complete database technology stack.

Single pane of glass management console

Regardless of technology, networking setup, operating system, or database flavor, you can manage all deployments and environments from your on-premise to local data center and / or to your cloud provider on one console and use common terminology across all your functional areas from security to load balancers—making orchestration yours.

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I have existing monitoring tools for each of my clusters that I’m used to and don’t require too much dedication. What’s the single pane of glass going to give me that the others don’t?

ClusterControl is more than just a monitoring tool, it’s an orchestrator in all senses. This means for both on-premise and cloud. And you have one go-to console in order to execute everything you need when thinking DBaaS or bringing existing development environments into production, or providing HA to those environments that weren’t created with that in mind.

It sounds like just another console via a web server that needs provisioning and impacts my already complicated IT architecture.

You can deploy ClusterControl in a virtual machine or use the docker image or even via various marketplaces available, so it’s less of a challenge in the sense of maintaining another environment.

I’d like to play with and install it first before entering into any agreement or contract. Can I?

Installation is simple, and there are specific pricing plans to be aware of. However, the first 30 days can be enjoyed for free here.