MySQL NDB Cluster

Version 7.1 & 8.0

Manage daily MySQL Cluster operations like deployment, configuration, and maintenance easily through a single console without having to connect to each server and manually adjust each configuration or troubleshoot each log.

Tech highlights


  • MySQL NDB Cluster
  • Operating system provided repository
  • Custom repository binaries

Replication types

  • Distributed data replication
  • Geographic replication (cluster-to-cluster) based on MySQL asynchronous replication

Top features

  • Automated deployment
  • Automatic recovery
  • Backup management

MySQL NDB Cluster + ClusterControl GUI for MySQL Cluster

Finally, a GUI and console for MySQL NDB Cluster that’s not just for monitoring but for taking full control over your database operations. Easily deploy new clusters or import existing ones to streamline management operations alongside your other MySQL instances.

Try ClusterControl with MySQL NDB Cluster for yourself!

Features list

OSS Licenseicon checkmark
Enterprise Licenseicon checkmark
Severalnines Supporticon checkmark
Relationalicon checkmark
NoSQLicon checkmark
Storage Enginesicon checkmark
Time series
Backup & Restoreicon checkmark
— Fullicon checkmark
— Incrementalicon checkmark
— Partialicon checkmark
— Restore: PITRicon checkmark
— Clone / Duplicate nodeicon checkmark
— Local storageicon checkmark
— Cloud storageicon checkmark
— Encryptionicon checkmark
— Compression
Cluster creationicon checkmark
— Asynchronous Replicationicon checkmark
— Synchronous Replicationicon checkmark
— Add node / decommissionicon checkmark
SSL/TLS Connectivityicon checkmark
Load Balancer availability
Infrastructure manageabilityicon checkmark
Security summary
— User console accessicon checkmark
— Key Managementicon checkmark
— LDAP integrationicon checkmark
— Audit logicon checkmark
Performance analysis
— Query monitoringicon checkmark
— Operations monitoringicon checkmark
— Custom metrics/thresholdsicon checkmark
— Replication lag
Configuration Managementicon checkmark
Database-specific dashboardicon checkmark
Alarms & Error reportingicon checkmark

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How to Deploy a MySQL NDB Cluster Using ClusterControl


Do I need to have a MySQL Carrier Grade Edition license to deploy MySQL Cluster in ClusterControl?

No. ClusterControl deploys the community version and hence uses the management node in conjunction with all the feature richness that we’ve built in. You don’t need MCM.

Can I convert a MySQL replication setup to a MySQL NDB Cluster configuration?

This is more than just a change of replication scenario as it means converting tables from the InnoDB to NDB storage engines. We recommend exporting the data from the replication environment and importing it into a freshly deployed NDB architecture.

Can I deploy a load balancer for the SQL / API nodes, or do I have to provision this myself?

On the MySQL Cluster overview dashboard, under cluster actions, you can add a load balancer seamlessly. Additionally, you can also add more sql nodes if required.