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Configuration and performance management

ClusterControl makes the configuration and performance management your databases easy by providing you with pressure-tested, editable config management templates and full-stack performance monitoring down to the query level.

Top configuration management features

You can import, create, and validate your own configurations for when you need customization.

clustercontrol console configuration parameter validation feature image

Custom configuration templates

You can create your own configuration templates in ClusterControl and save them for future deployments to ensure the consistency of your environment.

Configuration parameter validation

ClusterControl’s intelligent system checks ensure that the configurations you are entering are compatible with the requirements of the database.

clustercontrol console configuration parameter validation feature image

Existing configurations import

When importing your databases into ClusterControl, it will also bring with it the configuration and validate it as part of the import to ensure that the settings are compatible with the requirements of the database.

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Top performance management features

Easily pinpoint issues all the way down to the query level.

Query management

ClusterControl helps you manage your queries by providing you with tools to get alerted when things go wrong or even automate actions when circumstances demand it.

Query monitoring

ClusterControl offers advanced query monitoring that provides visibility into key metrics that are important to query performance.

Query outlier detection

ClusterControl employs statistical outlier analysis methods to calculate expected query performance from historical data, and compare current query performance against the expected performance.

Database schema performance

ClusterControl provides schema insight and advice to ensure your schemas are optimized to run at peak performance.

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