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ClusterControl fully supports TimescaleDB so you can deploy, manage, monitor and scale your clusters from one interface on-prem, in the cloud, or both.

Why TimescaleDB and ClusterControl?


Point and click deployment

The ClusterControl GUI allows you to deploy a pre-configured TimescaleDB with a few clicks.


Performance monitoring

ClusterControl provides a full-suite of performance monitoring tools which provide a unified view into your TimescaleDB performance with alerts to let you know when something goes wrong.


Lifecycle management

ClusterControl features like backup management, automatic failover, load balancers, and more!

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Top TimescaleDB features on ClusterControl

Get the key TimescaleDB ops features you need out-of-the box.

High availability from the start

Quickly and easily deploy a pre-configured Timescale setup that is designed for HA using streaming replication and HAProxy.

Performance monitoring

A full-suite of monitoring tools and alerts which provide a unified view into your TimescaleDB performance.

Automatic failover and recovery

Ensure maximum uptime with automatic node recovery.

Backup management

From backup verification to backup compression & encryption and from Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) to retention management and cloud archiving.

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