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ClusterControl fully supports Postgres so you can deploy, manage, monitor and scale your clusters from one interface in any environment you choose.

Why PostgreSQL and ClusterControl?


Point and click deployment

Full suite of database management features all from a single interface.


Advanced database management

Full lifecycle management from backups to performance tweaks.


Failover and security

Unified monitoring your PostgreSQL databases that automatically recover from failures.

Top Postgres features on ClusterControl

Get the key PostgreSQL ops features you need out-of-the box.

Deployment wizard

Deploy a battle-tested, pre-configured DB with a couple clicks.

Backup management

Securely schedule full & incremental, verified backups.

Performance monitoring

Monitor your cluster, deep-dive into queries and get alerted.

Automatic failover and recovery

Automatically promote a new master when failures are detected.

Point-in-Time Recovery

Restore your databases from the time of your choosing.

Topology Viewer

View and modify your database setups through an interactive tool.

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