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Easily deploy and manage an array of MySQL deployment types, be it a single instance, MySQL replication or, NDB or Galera clustering.

Why MySQL and ClusterControl?


Point and click deployment

ClusterControl makes MySQL easy and secure with point-and-click interfaces.


Peak performance

ClusterControl gives you all the tools needed to ensure your database infrastructure performs at peak proficiency.


Simplified scaling

ClusterControl makes it easy to add and remove nodes and resize instances.

Top MySQL features on ClusterControl

Get the key MySQL ops features you need out-of-the box.

Performance monitoring

Query Monitoring and anomaly detection, 100+ built-in and custom Advisors, Schema Analyzer and Transaction Deadlock logs.

Replication architectures

Asynchronous and Semi-synchronous, Multi-master Galera, Shared-nothing MySQL Cluster.

Schema and user management

Manage your schemas and users across your database clusters. Get a centralized view of all your users.

Load balancers

HAProxy with VirtualIP and Keepalived, preconfigured with intelligent health-checks. MaxScale for read-write traffic split. ProxySQL for balancing hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections.

Simple scaling

Easily add and remove nodes and resize instances with ClusterControl. When you need to achieve scalability, ClusterControl makes it possible to throttle the number of connections to the database instances, so the databases are not overloaded.

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