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ClusterControl supports an array of MongoDB features letting you deploy, manage, monitor and scale from a single interface.

Why MongoDB with ClusterControl?


Cost savings

ClusterControl provides comparable functionality to existing ops managers at half the price.


Automated security

Unlike many out of the box solutions, ClusterControl provides fully Automated Security maintaining the integrity of your database infrastructure.


Manage mixed environments

ClusterControl is the all-inclusive open- source database management system for users with mixed database environments that removes the need for multiple management tools.

Top MongoDB features on ClusterControl

Get the key MongoDB ops features you need out-of-the box.

Developer studio and advisors

The Developer Studio lets you customize solutions for your own MongoDB deployments. A library of advisors also allows you to extend the features of ClusterControl to add even more management functionality to your MongoDB environments. Automate security and remove the potential for human error to protect your databases from hacks and other threats.

Easy deployment and scaling

Easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone your production clusters with ClusterControl. You can automatically and securely deploy sharded MongoDB clusters or Replica Sets with the free community version of ClusterControl; as well as automatically convert a Replica Set into a sharded cluster.

Single interface for mixed environments

ClusterControl provides one single interface to automate your mixed MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database environments. With comprehensive monitoring you have a unified view of all sharded environments across your data centers and you’re even able to drill down into metrics on individual nodes.

Management and backups

ClusterControl provides management features that automatically repair and recover broken nodes, and test and automate upgrades. Using the Percona MongoDB Consistent Backup tool, ClusterControl will allow you to make consistent snapshots of your MongoDB sharded clusters.

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