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ClusterControl is the all-inclusive, open source database management system for users with mixed environments that removes the need for multiple management tools

Manage Mixed Environments

Deploy all the top open source database technologies in one system - on premise or in the cloud.

Database Automation

Automate many of the database tasks you have to perform regularly like deploying new clusters, adding and scaling new nodes, running backups, upgrades and more.

All-in-One Interface

Save time by not having to cobble together configuration management tools, monitoring tools, scripts, etc. to operate your databases.

About ClusterControl

ClusterControl - the all-inclusive management system for open source databases

ClusterControl lets you easily deploy, monitor, manage and scale highly available open source databases on-premise or in the cloud. It reduces complexity of managing your database infrastructure while adding support for new technologies; enabling you to truly automate multiple environments for next-level applications.

ClusterControl supports the top database technologies such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Percona, MongoDB and load balancing technologies like ProxySQL, HAProxy and Maxscale.

Top Features

Easy & Secure Deployments

Using proven, battle-tested methodologies and industry best practices ClusterControl enables you to easily deploy database instances with a point-and-click or command-line interface.

Advanced Monitoring

ClusterControl provides a unified view of all open source deployments across your data centers and lets you drill down into individual nodes.

Management & Automation

Database automation is at the core of ClusterControl. Automating deployment, management, backups, failover and recovery lets you spend your time delivering products and not on maintenance.

High Availability & Scaling

Deploy and configure the industry’s top load balancing and caching technologies, easily add and remove nodes, resize instances, and clone your production clusters to deliver ultimate performance for your application.

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