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Using the MyRocks Storage Engine with MariaDB Server

One of the advantages of MariaDB is to have options for different types of storage engines depending on our specific requirements. In this blog, we’ll see what the MyRocks storage engine is and how we can implement it with MariaDB.

Migrating from MySQL Enterprise to MariaDB 10.3

This blog provides an overview of the migration process between MySQL Enterprise 8.0 and MariaDB 10.3. In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the most important differences as well as the migration procedures.

Automating PostgreSQL Daily Tasks Using Jenkins

This blog details how to automate several daily tasks you need to run a successful PostgreSQL setup using Jenkins.

An Overview of MongoDB Schema Validation

Schema validation allows you to define the specific structure of documents in each MongoDB collection. If anyone tries to insert some documents which don't match with the defined schema, MongoDB can reject this kind of operation or give warnings according to the type of validation action.

Maintaining MongoDB Replica Sets in the Cloud Using Ansible

This blog details how to deploy and maintain MongoDB Replica Sets to the cloud using Ansible for automation.

Exploring the Different Ways to Encrypt Your MariaDB Data

Data encryption is very important especially if you have to follow the standards and recommendations that a law regulation requires you to implement based on your security and standards in your infrastructure. This blog will discuss about different ways to encrypt your data using MariaDB Database Server. It covers encryption in-transit, at rest, and RDS.

How to Deploy MariaDB Server to a Docker Container

You're probably familiar with terms like Docker, Images or Containers, but not everyone knows what these technologies are and how to combine it with a database technology like MariaDB. In this blog, we’ll see an overview of these terms and how we can apply it to deploy a MariaDB server.

Database Automation with Puppet: Deploying MySQL & MariaDB Galera Cluster

This post walks you through deployment of MySQL/MariaDB Galera Cluster using Puppet module. We’ll also look at how ClusterControl can be used to automate the management aspects of the environment once it’s set up.

An Overview of PostgreSQL & MySQL Cross Replication

The blog gives a detailed account of achieving cross replication between MySQL and PostgreSQL databases using two of the renowned tools of the open source community. A step-by-step demo configuration gives the audience an easy to implement guide including a summarized explanation of which tool is rated over the other.

What's New in MariaDB Cluster 10.4

This blog provides an overview of the new features and functions of MariaDB Cluster 10.4. Based on Galera Cluster from Codership, MariaDB Cluster is a synchronous multi-master database cluster that runs on Linux.