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Webinar - DevOps Tutorial: How to Automate Your Database Infrastructure

Art van Scheppingen

Join us for our live “DevOps Tutorial: how to automate your database infrastructure” on Tuesday, July 18th! Our guest speaker this time will be Riaan Nolan of, the First Puppet Labs Certified Professional in South Africa; Riaan saves the companies he works for 50% of their monthly IT bills on average.

In this new webinar we will talk you through the facets of DevOps integrations and the mission-critical advantages that database automation can bring to your database infrastructure.

As the operations person in your organisation, when your systems go down, your first priority is to restore services immediately. So what if your application stack could automatically recover (and let you sleep at night)? Why still stick to complex manual processes, which take up time and resources, and slow down future growth?

Infrastructure automation isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either, says Riaan Nolan. Riaan has been in operations for the past decade, and has built over a dozen eCommerce properties. Automation is a worthwhile investment, but deciding on which tools to invest in can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

Join us for this webinar to understand the key pain points, which indicate that it’s time to invest in database automation.

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Tuesday, July 18th at 09:00 BST / 10:00 CEST (Germany, France, Sweden)

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North America/LatAm

Tuesday, July 18th at 09:00 PST (US) / 12:00 EST (US)

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  • DevOps and databases - what are the challenges
  • Managing databases in a DevOps environment
    • Requirements from microservice environments
    • Automated deployments
    • Performance monitoring
    • Backups
    • Schema changes
    • Version upgrades
    • Automated failover
    • Integration with ChatOps and other tools
  • Data distribution
    • Database hosting in cloud environments
    • Managing data flows
  • Cloud Automation on AWS


Riaan Nolan was the First Puppet Labs Certified Professional in South Africa. Riaan uses Amazon EC2, VPC and Autoscale with Cloudformation to spin up complete stacks with Autoscaling Fleets. He saves companies substantial amounts on their monthly IT bills, typically around 50% - yes, at one company that meant $500k+ per year. And he’s participated in a number of community tech related forums. He uses next generation technologies such as AWS, Cloudformation, Autoscale, Puppet, GlusterFS, NGINX, Magento and PHP to power huge eCommerce stores. His specialties are Puppet Automation, Cloud Deployments, eCommerce, eMarketing, Specialized Linux Services, Windows, Process making, Budgets, Asset Tracking, Procurement.

  • Devops Lead, Mukuru
  • Expert Live Systems Administrator, foodpanda | Hellofood
  • Senior Systems Administrator / Infrastructure Lead, Rocket Internet GmbH
  • Senior Technology Manager, Africa Internet Accelerator

Art van Scheppingen is a Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. He’s a pragmatic database expert with over 16 years experience in web development. He previously worked at Spil Games as Head of Database Engineering, where he kept a broad vision upon the whole database environment: from MySQL to MongoDB, Vertica to Hadoop and from Sphinx Search to SOLR. He regularly presents his work and projects at various conferences (Percona Live, MongoDB Open House, FOSDEM) and related meetups.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!