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s9s Tools and Resources: The 'Become a MySQL DBA' Series, ClusterControl 1.2.10, Advisors and More!

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Check Out Our Latest Technical Resources for MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres and MongoDB

This blog is packed with all the latest resources and tools we’ve recently published! Please do check it out and let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

Live Technical Webinar

In this webinar, we will look at some of the most widely used HA alternatives in the MySQL world and discuss their pros and cons. Krzysztof is a MySQL DBA with experience managing complex database environments for companies like Zendesk, Chegg, Pinterest and Flipboard. This webinar builds upon recent blog posts by Krzysztof on OS and database monitoring.

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Product Announcements & Resources

ClusterControl 1.2.10 Release

We were pleased to announce a milestone release of ClusterControl in May, which includes several brand new features, making it a fully programmable DevOps platform to manage leading open source databases.

ClusterControl Developer Studio Release

With ClusterControl 1.2.10, we introduced our new, powerful ClusterControl DSL (Domain Specific Language), which allows you to extend the functionality of your ClusterControl platform by creating Advisors, Auto Tuners, or “mini Programs”. Check it out and start creating your own advisors! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Technical Webinar - Replay

We recently started a ‘Become a MySQL DBA’ blog and webinar series, which we’re extending throughout the summer. Here are the first details of that

Become a MySQL DBA - Deciding on a relevant backup solution

In this webinar, we discussed the multiple ways to take backups, which method best fits specific needs and how to implement point in time recovery.

Watch the replay and view the slides here


Technical Blogs

Here is a listing of our most recent technical blogs. Do check them out and let us know if you have any questions.

Become a MySQL DBA Blog Series

Further Technical Blogs:

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