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Resources for HA Database Clusters: Latest Updates

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For those of you who know Severalnines and maybe use some of our tools & products, you’ll know that we provide our users with a monthly summary of all the resources & tools that we’re publishing. Since this is publicly available material, we thought it’d be useful also for the broader open source database community.

In the past month, we’ve made the following resources & tools available: 

  • Troubleshooting MySQL Cluster (free online MySQL Cluster Training)
  • Zero Downtime Data Center Migration with Galera
  • ClusterControl 1.2.3 Released
  • High Availability OpenStack - Clustering the Database Backend
  • NoSQL Battle of the East Coast - Benchmarking MongoDB vs TokuMX Cluster
  • Full restore of a Galera Cluster from Backup

With that in mind, please find below all these new tools and content that we have recently created for all to use: 

Troubleshooting MySQL Cluster 

Things can get pretty scary when you start having problems with your production cluster. Installment 10 of our free online MySQL Cluster Training walks you through the most common problems that MySQL Cluster users face, and where you should look in case of trouble.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Common problems
  • Error logs and trace files
  • Troubleshooting procedures
  • How to recover your MySQL Cluster


View the MySQL Cluster Training slides

Zero Downtime Data Center Migration with Galera


Data migrations are painful and scary. Running a migration with scheduled downtime is hard enough as it is, but for certain applications, a prolonged period of downtime is not acceptable. Without the right strategy, a migration might leave you with inconsistent or lost data, hours of downtime and a negative impact to your business. This is why it is so hard to switch hosting or cloud providers.


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ClusterControl 1.2.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the 1.2.3 release. The key new features include:

  • Deployment of HAProxy Load Balancers with Keepalived and VIP
  • Cloning of Galera Clusters
  • User-defined Dashboards



    If you are running an older version, we warmly recommend you to upgrade.

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    High Availability OpenStack - Clustering the Database Backend

    OpenStack uses a database to store data for all OpenStack services, such as available compute nodes, running instances, state and so on. The database takes part in every user request, from listing all instances to creating new VMs, so it is central to the operation of OpenStack.

    This article shows you how to cluster your OpenStack database backend.

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    NoSQL Battle of the East Coast - Benchmarking MongoDB vs TokuMX

    TokuMX is a MongoDB performance engine from Tokutek. While the MongoDB server uses B-Trees, a technology that has been around for four decades, TokuMX uses a newer Fractal Tree Indexing technology.

    This article is a features and performance comparison between MongoDB and TokuMX.

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    Full restore of a Galera Cluster from Backup

    Good backup practices include:

    • At least two previous full backups, in case the most recent full backup is damaged or corrupt,
    • At least one full backup within a chosen cycle, normally weekly,
    • Offsite storage, away from the current data location,
    • Test restoring your backups on a regular basis, e.g., every two months.

    This article talks about some of these best practices, and shows you how to do a full restore of a Galera cluster from backup.

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    If you have any questions or comments, please do share them! Many thanks for your continued support!