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Resources for Database Clusters: Performance Tuning for HAProxy, Support for MariaDB 10, Technical Blogs & More

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Check Out Our Latest Resources for MySQL, MariaDB & MongoDB Clusters

Here is a summary of resources & tools that we’ve made available to you in the past weeks. If you have any questions on these, feel free to contact us!

New Technical Webinars



Performance Tuning of HAProxy for Database Load Balancing

09 September 2014 - with Baptiste Assmann of HAProxy Technologies

Do you know what HAProxy can tell you about your application and database instances? Do you know the difference between short-lived connections and persistent connections, and how they affect the performance and availability of your applications? As a follow-up to our previous webinar on MySQL Load Balancing and HAProxy, we are glad to organize a deep dive into Performance Tuning of HAProxy.

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Automation & Management of MariaDB Galera Clusters: European Webinars with SkySQL - The MariaDB Company

30 Sept. (English) / 07 Oct. (French) / 08 Oct. (German) - with the MariaDB Team

MariaDB Galera Cluster involves more effort and resource to administer than standalone MariaDB systems. In this webinar, we will give you practical advice on how to introduce clusters into your MariaDB environment, automate deployment and make it easier for operational staff to manage and monitor the cluster using ClusterControl.

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Technical Webinar - Replay



Webinar Replay & Slides: How To Set Up SQL Load Balancing with HAProxy

In this webinar, we covered the concepts around the popular open-source HAProxy load balancer, and demonstrated how to use it with your SQL-based database clusters. We also discussed HA strategies for HAProxy with Keepalived and Virtual IP.

View the replay & read the slides!


Product Announcements

Announcing ClusterControl Support for MariaDB 10

We’ve made it official last month: Severalnines ClusterControl now supports MariaDB 10! ClusterControl gives you the power to deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire MariaDB Galera clusters efficiently and reliably.

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Technical Blogs

We published a whole range of technical blogs in the past couple of months. Find them listed here and feel free to let us know your feedback on them!



MySQL MeetUp - London

17 September 2014

We’re delighted to join the London MySQL User Group Meetup, where our very own Vinay will give an update on ClusterControl. We look forward to seeing you there!

MariaDB Roadshow - London

18 September 2014

If you’re in London this September, do join us at the MariaDB Roadshow event on Thursday, September 18th. We’ll be talking about Automation & Management of Database Clusters there as well and would love to talk to you in person!

We trust these resources are useful. If you have any questions on them or on related topics, please do contact us!