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Resources for Database Cluster: New DevOps Guide Webinar, Load Balancing for MySQL Replay and More ...

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Check Out Our Latest Technical Resources for MySQL, MariaDB & MongoDB Clusters


Like every month, we have created new content and tools for you; here is a summary of what we’ve published. Please do check it out and let us know if you have any comments or feedback.


New Live Technical Webinars


A DevOps Guide to Database Infrastructure Automation for eCommerce

Tuesday, February 17th


Infrastructure automation isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either, says Riaan Nolan. Automation is a worthwhile investment for retailers serious about eCommerce, but deciding on which tools to invest in can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

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Join us for this webinar to understand the key pain points that online retailers experience and which indicate that it’s time to invest in database automation. Our guest speaker will be Riaan Nolan of Foodpanda, Rocket Internet’s global online food delivery marketplace operating in over 40 countries. Riaan has built over a dozen eCommerce properties over the past decade, and uses technologies such as AWS, Cloudformation, Autoscale, Puppet, GlusterFS, NGINX and Magento to power huge eCommerce stores.

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Technical Webinar - Replay


Load Balancing for MySQL/MariaDB with HAProxy - in English & French


In this webinar, Severalnines VP of Products, Alex Yu, and Severalnines CEO, Vinay Joosery, discussed respectively in English and French what HAProxy is and how to best leverage it for load balancing MySQL and MariaDB.

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Technical Blogs


We published a range of technical blogs in the past few weeks. Find them listed here and feel free to let us know your feedback on them!


Product Resources


ClusterControl Documentation - All Updated


We’ve been updating our documentation over the past few months and you can find it all listed on our website. Whether it be a Quick Start Guide, Installation or Administration Guide, you can always refer back to these documents online.

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Customer Case Studies


Every month, new ClusterControl customers and users join the Severalnines Community and we’re pleased that they’re happy to share their experiences with all of us, thank you.

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We trust these resources are useful. If you have any questions on them or on related topics, please do contact us!