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Plenty of 9s for MongoDB & MySQL at Percona Live 2016

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The MySQL User Conference has a been fixture in all our calendars for many years now and every year, Santa Clara calls us back … The conference has evolved of course since its inception and yet stays the same, its original premise alive and kicking: a place to get together and exchange on MySQL and open source database knowledge and experiences! And today it’s called the Percona Live Data Performance Conference!

This year, the conference is really opening itself up to become inclusive of not only MySQL-related technologies and topics and go wide into MongoDB and Big Data territories as well. So there should be something new for everyone who’ll be attending and the programme looks quite promising indeed.

As in the previous two years, our team will be providing the necessary 9s for this year’s conference in the form of two talks and a full-day tutorial, as well as a booth presence in the exhibition hall.

Here are some details on our tutorial and talks:


Become a MySQL DBA

This hands-on tutorial is intended to help you navigate your way through the steps that lead to becoming a MySQL DBA. We are going to talk about the most important aspects of managing MySQL infrastructure and we will be sharing best practices and tips on how to perform the most common activities.

Our colleagues Art van Scheppingen & Ashraf Sharif will be guiding you through this tutorial.

View the tutorials schedule


How to Automate, Monitor and Manage your MongoDB Servers

MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL solutions and as MongoDB is Open Source, any developer can contribute to the product and anyone can use it. The business model of the company behind MongoDB is to sell premium support and administration tools to maintain and monitor MongoDB. In this session we will go beyond the deployment phase and show you how you can automate tasks, monitor a cluster and manage MongoDB. Art van Scheppingen, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines, will lead this talk.

View more details on Art and this talk

MySQL NDB Cluster - Best Practices

In this session, Johan Andersson, CTO at Severalnines, will talk about Core architecture and design principles of NDB Cluster, APIs for data access (SQL and NoSQL interfaces), important configuration parameters and best practices: indexing and schema. Johan will also compare performance between MySQL Cluster 7.4 and Galera (MySQL 5.6), and how to best make use of the feature set of MySQL Cluster 7.4.

View more details on Johan and this talk.

We look forward to catching up with everyone and to meeting newcomers alike!

See you in Santa Clara!

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