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Plenty of 9s on deck at Percona Live Amsterdam - Impressions

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Percona Live Amsterdam 2016 came to an end yesterday evening and we’re taking a few moments to share our impressions of this year’s European MySQL / MongoDB / PostgreSQL and everything-open-source-database conference (as always expertly hosted by the Percona team).

According to the Percona website, the conference was fully booked out and judging by the amount of visitors we saw present, we have no problems believing that :-)

It was a pleasure to participate once again in the conference and we took some time yesterday to broadcast live from our booth with our CEO, Vinay Joosery, for a chat on our presence there and an update on what’s been happening at Severalnines. Watch the video and catch up on Vinay’s thoughts on the conference, the latest features in ClusterControl and more:

Day 1 of the conference was all about tutorials, full day or half day ones, and already the conference seemed in full swing, though the majority of participants then took part in days 2 & 3, which covered a broad range of talks and keynote sessions.

Here are some nice sound bites that we picked up along the way …

On MySQL 8.0

"New native data dictionary is like heart surgery.. remove the heart to put in a better one"

Geir Høydalsvik, Development Director at Oracle

Community feedback

"MySQL bug #199 is finally fixed in 8.0. It dates back to 2003 and was submitted by Peter Zaitsev and requests a persistent auto increment counter after restart"

Geir Høydalsvik, Development Director at Oracle

On creating open source databases

"All top open source databases have globally distributed (development) teams"

Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona

On InnoDB

"It is really easy to use MySQL InnoDB Cluster - one can setup MySQL InnoDB Cluster in 4 minutes"

Frederic Descamps, Community Manager at Oracle

As a sidenote, it can be done even faster in a fully distributed environment using ClusterControl ;-)

Our team (pic below) held 2 tutorials and 3 talks this week, which gave us great opportunities to talk to participants more directly about the topics we care about, i.e. how to become a great MongoDB or MySQL DBA, taking all the necessary step for a successful upgrade to MySQL 5.7, automating and monitoring MongoDB and how to make the best choice when deciding on a load balancer such HAProxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale, nginx and more.

Of course we were also present in the expo hall with demos, t-shirts and bags!

Severalnines team

And since we’ve been told by a number of avid conference t-shirt collectors that the Severalnines t-shirts are the best, we wanted to include a shout-out to the team that produces our t-shirts (and this year’s bags), The T-Shirt Company in Dublin, Ireland.

Here they are in action printing our 9s!

See you again next year!

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