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Planets9s - Download our new DevOps Guide to Database Backups for MariaDB & MySQL

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Welcome to this week’s Planets9s, covering all the latest resources and technologies we create around automation and management of open source database infrastructures.

Download our new DevOps Guide to Database Backups for MariaDB & MySQL

Check out our free whitepaper on database backups, which discusses in detail the two most popular backup utilities available for MySQL and MariaDB, namely mysqldump and Percona XtraBackup. If you’re looking for insight into how to perform database backups efficiently or the impact of Storage Engine on MySQL or MariaDB backup procedures, need some tips & tricks on MySQL / MariaDB backup management … our new DevOps Guide has you covered.

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Tips and Tricks: Receive email notifications from ClusterControl

Did you know that apart from receiving notifications when things go wrong, you can also receive digest emails for less critical notifications from ClusterControl? As SysAdmins and DBAs, we need to be notified whenever something critical happens to our database. But would it not be nicer if we were informed upfront, and still had time to perform pre-emptive maintenance and retain high availability?  With this new blog post, find out how to enable and set up your email notifications in ClusterControl according to your needs.

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Getting social with Severalnines

As we begin to wrap up 2016 and look towards and plan all the exciting things for next year, we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to follow and engage with us on our social channels. We produce plenty of content and have a lot more planned for 2017. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of it, we’d love it if you would follow us so we can better keep you up to date and interact more directly with you.

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That’s it for this week! Feel free to share these resources with your colleagues and follow us in our social media channels.

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Docker 1.13 introduces a long-awaited feature called Compose-file support. Compose-file defines everything about an application - services, databases, volumes, networks, and dependencies can all be defined in one place.  In this blog, we’ll show you how to use Compose-file to simplify the Docker deployment of MySQL containers.

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How to deploy and manage MySQL multi-master replication setups with ClusterControl 1.4

MySQL replication, while simple and popular, may come in different shapes and flavors. Master slave or master master topologies can be configured to suit your environment.  ClusterControl 1.4 brings a list of enhancements to deploy and manage different types of MySQL replication setups. This blog outlines the different topologies that can be deployed, the merits of each topology, and shows how each can be managed in a live environment.

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Automatic failover of MySQL Replication - New in ClusterControl 1.4

MySQL replication setups are inevitably related to failovers - what do you do when your master fails and your applications are not able to write to the database anymore? Automated failover is required if you need to quickly recover an environment to keep your database up 24x7. This blog post discusses this new replication feature recently introduced in ClusterControl 1.4.

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Automating MySQL Replication with ClusterControl 1.4.0 - what’s new

This blog post will go through new replication features in ClusterControl 1.4.0, including enhanced multi-master deployment, managing replication topology changes, automated failover and handling of replication errors.

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