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New Webinar: Repair and Recovery for your MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB/TokuMX Clusters

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Database clusters are pretty sophisticated distributed systems with complex dependencies between nodes. The failure of a node will generally impact the overall cluster, as the remaining nodes need to reconfigure themselves to continue to operate without the failed node. Since re-introducing a node will also affect the existing cluster, the timing could therefore be dependent on the state of the other nodes in the cluster. Repair and restarts often needs to be performed in a particular order in compliance with the redundancy model of the cluster so as not to jeopardize the normal functioning of existing nodes.

Webinar: Repair and Recovery for your MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB/TokuMX clusters

Tuesday, January 21st 2014

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Galera Cluster, NDB Cluster, VIP with HAProxy and Keepalived, MongoDB Sharded Cluster, etc. all have their own availability models. We are aware of these availability models and will demonstrate in this webinar how to take corrective action in case of failures via our cluster management tool, ClusterControl.

In this webinar, Severalnines CTO Johan Andersson will show you how to leverage ClusterControl to detect failures in your database cluster and automatically repair them to maximize the availability of your database services. And Codership CEO Seppo Jaakola will be joining Johan to provide a deep-dive into Galera recovery internals.


  • Redundancy models for Galera, NDB and MongoDB/TokuMX
  • Failover & Recovery (Automatic vs Manual)
  • Zooming into Galera recovery procedures
  • Split brains in multi-datacenter setups




Tuesday, January 21st at 10:00 CET (Germany, France, Sweden)

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North America/LatAm

Tuesday, January 21st at 9:00 Pacific Time (US) / 12:00 Eastern Time (US)

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Johan Andersson, CTO Severalnines


Seppo Jaakola, CEO Codership


Setting up, maintaining and operating a database cluster can be tricky. ClusterControl gives you the power to deploy, manage, monitor and scale entire clusters efficiently and reliably. ClusterControl supports a variety of MySQL-based clusters (Galera, NDB, 5.6 Replication) as well as MongoDB/TokuMX-based clusters.  

We look forward to “seeing” you there and to insightful discussions!