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ClusterControl Product Video for Galera Clusters

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In this video Art van Scheppingen shows you how easy it is to add your Galera setups to ClusterControl. ClusterControl provides you with a single console to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale your Galera setups and mixed environment. In addition to advanced monitoring, ClusterControl affords feature benefits like comprehensive security, automation, reporting, and point-and-click deployments.

Watch the video and learn more about the following topics:

  • Deploying a new Galera cluster in ClusterControl
  • Importing an existing Galera Cluster into ClusterControl
  • Navigating the Cluster Overview section in ClusterControl
  • Accessing your Galera monitoring dashboards in ClusterControl
  • Accessing your Galera node data tables in ClusterControl
  • Accessing server statistics in ClusterControl
  • Navigating the nodes section in ClusterControl
  • Enabling binary logging from your Galera nodes in ClusterControl
  • Using advisors in your Galera setup
  • Performing backups
  • Access log files for
  • Adding new nodes to your Galera Clusters
  • Adding Asynchronous slaves
  • Cloning Clusters in ClusterControl
  • Load balancing for HAproxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale
  • Galera arbitrator in ClusterControl

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