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Announcing NinesControl: helping MongoDB and MySQL developers scale in AWS and DigitalOcean clouds

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Today we’re happy to announce our new product, NinesControl. Built on the capabilities of the popular ClusterControl, NinesControl is a database management cloud service that enables developers to easily, uniformly and transparently deploy and manage polyglot databases on any cloud, with no need to install anything.

NinesControl is for developers and admins of all skills levels who do not want to limit themselves to one cloud provider nor use the services that are only available on that cloud. It also removes the complexity and learning curve that typically come with highly-available database clusters. With this initial launch, users of Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean can spin-up MySQL or MongoDB clusters within minutes, with more cloud providers and datastores being added soon.

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Avoids Cloud Lock-in

NinesControl offers developers an easy way to deploy and operate high-availability database setups in any cloud, giving them the flexibility to utilize or migrate to different cloud vendors as they see fit, thus avoid being locked into using a specific cloud provider.

Ensures Full Database Control

In addition to sidestepping cloud lock-in, the new service provides unified and real-time monitoring of the database and server infrastructure giving access to over 100 collected key databases and host metrics, with custom dashboards providing insight into operational and historic performance.

High Availability

With NinesControl’s self-healing and automatic recovery of MongoDB and MySQL clusters, developers are set to achieve high-availability of their databases.

Vinay Joosery, our Co-Founder and CEO, explains why NinesControl was created, “Cloud database products are usually not equivalent or compatible between vendors, which makes it nearly impossible to migrate. We want to give back to developers the control which is rapidly being taken away by cloud vendors. This means now they really can deploy their databases on any cloud. NinesControl is different from the rest of the market in that they have total control of their data. It does not host the database instances. The database is deployed in the cloud of the user's choice. NinesControl delivers on our vision of ‘Your Database, Any Cloud’. The plan for future releases is to add more technologies and hosting providers, giving users an even better range of choice.”

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