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Announcing NinesControl: deploy and monitor MySQL Galera clusters on DigitalOcean


Following the recent completion of our testers programme for NinesControl, we’re now happy to announce the public availability of NinesControl (beta), the database infrastructure management solution for the cloud.

Many thanks to our testers for participating in the NinesControl feedback programme. With the collective insight gained, we were able to fine-tune this initial public release and present it to you today.

With NinesControl, users can now easily and quickly deploy and monitor (MySQL) Galera clusters on DigitalOcean. Droplets are launched and managed using your own DigitalOcean account.

We encourage you to sign up on and try this new service out.

NinesControl is designed with developers in mind. Spend time developing your applications and let the service provision, monitor and manage your databases.

It is currently in beta for DigitalOcean and Galera cluster users, before we expand the service to other public cloud providers and databases.

With a couple of simple steps, you can deploy and manage MySQL Galera with Percona, MariaDB or Codership. We are currently underway of adding support for MongoDB and Amazon EC2 as a cloud provider.

Overtime more monitoring and management features will be added to the service such as:

  • Automated backups, Schema and DB user management
  • Health, query and performance monitoring
  • Configuration management
  • Scaling out and deploying load balancers like HAProxy and MaxScale
  • Notifications through email and incident management services
  • and more ...

Try it out today!