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Announcing NinesControl 3.0 with added support for Google Cloud and more

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt
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This week we’re happy to announce a new release of NinesControl, our cloud service for open source database management, with no need to install anything. NinesControl 3.0 offers extended scaling support with an improved user experience and security all while adding a new cloud provider, Google Cloud.

Built on the capabilities of ClusterControl, NinesControl enables users to uniformly and transparently deploy and manage secure mixed database environments on any cloud, with no vendor lock-in. It offers quick, easy, point-and-click deployment of a standalone or a clustered SQL and NoSQL database on a cloud provider of your choice; and each provisioned database is automatic, repeatable and completes in minutes.

NinesControl is for developers and admins of all skills levels and removes the complexity and learning curve that typically comes with highly-available database clusters. Users of Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, and now Google Cloud can spin-up MySQL or MongoDB instances in under a minute; with more cloud providers and datastores being planned for. It is currently a free-to-use service with an additional paid-for version in the pipeline.You can sign up for free on

Release Highlights

  • Addition of Google Cloud support
  • New management features around scaling, automated recovery & introduction of new web-based consoles
  • Improved user experience
  • Improved security

Features Highlights

  1. Google Cloud - NinesControl continues to increase the number of supported cloud providers. You can now scale and manage your database on Google Cloud, as well as AWS and Digital Ocean.
  2. SSH Web Terminal - NinesControl expands your ability to easily SSH into your database nodes.
  3. Database Client - NinesControl now provides direct access to the database client interface from within the service; allowing you to connect directly to your nodes via your internet browser by opening up a SQL or MongoDB console.
  4. Stability - Based on feedback from our users and through our continued improvements of the service, NinesControl provides you with the stability you need to manage your open source databases easily and efficiently.
  5. Increased Security - NinesControl continues to improve the security of your database environments with new user management features and security optimizations.
  6. Scaling - In addition to supporting MariaDB or MySQL Galera Cluster and MongoDB, NinesControl now allows you to easily add and remove nodes to meet your growing data needs.
  7. Automatic Recovery - NinesControl now provides automated node and cluster recovery to ensure uptime with your high availability applications.
  8. New Technologies - Support for Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7
  9. Extend NinesControl to Any Cloud - You can now use NinesControl with any cloud provider of your choosing using our CloudLink Framework with these two new public Github repositories

NB: Cloudlink is a wrapper framework for Cloud providers' apis. The main goal is to have standardized input and output data structures. The Framework is written in NodeJs and easy to extend. It uses native SDKs, provided by the Cloud vendors. The Framework does not require a database and does not store any of the credentials. In short: it is a smart proxy to the cloud api.

Sign up for Ninescontrol (FREE)

Whether you’re a developer who wants an easy way to securely deploy and manage high-availability database setups in any cloud; or you want the flexibility to utilize or migrate to different cloud vendors, and avoid being locked into using a specific vendor; or you simply want full control over your database instances, with the ability to connect via SSH if required … NinesControl has the answers for you. Check our service out today and let us know your feedback.

Happy clustering in the cloud!