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How open-source MySQL keeps Eurovision live

September 03, 2015

By Ben Rossi | Information Age

The European Broadcasting Union, one of the world’s largest broadcasting networks and the organisation behind the Eurovision Song Contest, has sought help to manage the open-source MySQL databases that power its online video and audio streaming services. Read the full article here.

How open source will power tomorrow’s tech unicorns

August 27, 2015

Information Age | Sourced by Vinay Joosery

SnapChat, AirBnB and Xiaomi and end-user companies are the most likely candidates to be in with a chance of achieving unicorn status, due to their wider user and customer base. However, popular these companies are with their easy to use apps, they all need to incorporate secure, reliable and robust databases to perform. Could this mean high-quality, low-cost open source databases will be the engines that drive future technology businesses? Read the full story:

Severalnines ClusterControl wants to help you take control of databases

June 03, 2015

By Chris Talbot | FierceDevOps

Severalnines launched a new version of its ClusterControl database infrastructure management platform. The database automation tool aims to help enterprise dev and ops teams cut the time needed to deploy, monitor, manage and scale multiple open source databases. The latest release is clearly targeted at the ops side, with new features for sysadmins to gain additional control over database resources. The company noted that managing databases is becoming increasingly complex, particularly as higher data uptime becomes critical to business operations.

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DevOps platform hands full database control to sysadmins

May 28, 2015

By Joao Lima | Computer Business Review

Severalnines has launched the latest version of its ClusterControl platform, cutting down time for businesses to deploy, monitor, manage and scale multiple open source databases. The company says that it is helping businesses such as Orange, BT and Cisco to manage MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Severalnines helps DevOps manage MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL

May 28, 2015

By CCi - Cloud Computing Intelligence

IT teams with the latest ClusterControl can now build automation robots to tailor open source databases to meet security, domain and DevOps needs. Swedish database management provider Severalnines has updated its ClusterControl database automation to cut down time for businesses to deploy, monitor, manage and scale multiple open source databases.

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Severalnines creates programmable DevOps platform to manage leading open source databases

May 27, 2015

New ClusterControl release includes customisation language for management and automation


Stockholm, Sweden and anywhere else in the world - 27 MAY 2015 - Severalnines, the provider of database infrastructure management software, today launched the latest version of its ClusterControl platform. This database automation product cuts down time for businesses to deploy, monitor, manage and scale multiple open source databases. With this latest release, Severalnines is helping database and system administrators take full control of their database resources.  

Management of databases is increasing in complexity as companies need to meet higher uptime requirements for their data, plus provide security when it is distributed across public/private clouds in a diverse, virtualised infrastructure. Customisation of management tools with simple parameters will not work as database environments become more complex.

ClusterControl now offers users the ability to create their own custom programs, also called advisors, to automate more tasks and increase productivity via an Integrated Developer Studio. Advisors are mini-programs that provide advice on how to address issues in areas such as database performance, security, scalability, configuration and capacity planning. This new programmable platform also builds the foundation for the ClusterControl advisors architecture.

The new ClusterControl and its Developer Studio allow IT professionals to:

●      Test and secure databases with security audits

●      Dynamically tune any database configuration with custom built advisors

●      Use predictive analytics to calculate compute, storage and network capacity at any time

●      Automatically install and setup programs remotely on a host server


Here are the new product specification details:

ClusterControl DSL (Domain Specific Language): ClusterControl DSL, allows IT administrators to extend the functionality of the ClusterControl platform by creating advisors. With its syntax based on JavaScript (JS), ClusterControl DSL can execute SQL statements, run shell commands across all cluster hosts and retrieve results for advisors to process.

Integrated Developer Studio: The ClusterControl Developer Studio provides a simple and appealing development environment to quickly create, edit, compile, run, test, debug and schedule your JavaScript programs.

Advisors: Advisors in ClusterControl provide specific advice on how to address database issues such as performance, security, log management and configuration. This advice can range from setting up a simple alert system to a complex prediction engine for cluster-wide automation. For community ClusterControl users, a set of open source advisors are available under an MIT licence on GitHub.

Vinay Joosery, Co-Founder and CEO of Severalnines said: “ClusterControl’s programming environment is like an open system that gives real-time access to the entire database infrastructure, from workload metrics to configuration files, logs and even direct access to the complete Linux BASH environment of the hosts. With the latest release of ClusterControl, we’re allowing IT to control their database environment in ways that was previously difficult to accomplish, or even outright impossible.”

Alexander Yu, Vice President of Products, added: “Our language is effective for flexible automation and programming. IT teams can use mathematical and statistical functions to act on time series data sets, execute remote commands on their cluster hosts and run SQL statements across their servers. Sticking to our community ethos, the advisors we make available are under an open source MIT licence, so users can either improve our work or create their own.”

Severalnines shortlisted twice for Computing Vendor Excellence Awards

May 27, 2015

Computing has announced the shortlist for the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards.

The shortlist covers 21 categories, spanning every major area of the industry.

From mobile communications to enterprise storage to the Internet of Things, the competition to the reach the shortlist was intense.

The judging panel, comprised of IT leaders and Computing staff, will now work on drawing up a list of finalists, who'll be announced in the run-up to the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards event at London's Royal Garden Hotel on 10 July 2015.

The shortlist is printed in full below, and can also be viewed at the Awards website. Best of luck to all entrants!

Q&A: Databases, Open Source & Virtualisation with CEO Vinay Joosery

March 30, 2015

By Joao Lima | Computer Business Review

The Severalnines CEO talks to CBR about its new database clusters solution, ClusterControl. Severalnines has launched a new upgraded version of its database clusters solution, ClusterControl. The new solution will address IT departments' management issues with multiple databases, saving time as they manually operate deployment, replication and backup of data from one system to the next.

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Monitoring high availability clusters: Why Ping Identitiy chose Severalnines over SolarWinds

March 26, 2015

By John Leonard | Computing

PingOne is distributed across public cloud and private cloud data centres. To ensure that visibility is maintained across the piece Ping Identity deploys ClusterControl from Swedish company Severalnines. ClusterControl allows operational staff to manage the most popular open source databases (currently MySQL, PostreSQL and MongoDB) via a single dashboard.

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Severalnines: Mixing DevOps with database management and going its own way

March 19, 2015

By James Bourne, Cloud Tech

Sweden-based database management provider Severalnines is an interesting company. Its name would suggest SLAs but the firm, with approximately 7000 users, supports MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB among others and enables businesses to support both SQL and NoSQL open source databases in the cloud or on-premise.

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