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Make a profit from day one: 3 start-ups share how

February 17, 2016

What if you can’t get the finance you need? Or don’t want to borrow? Accessing money can be time-consuming and frustrating. Three reasons why many businesses actively choose to self-fund. With thoughts on the topic by Severalnines' Vinay Joosery. Read the story

Cyber Monday retail traffic spike solution finds its way to BT

February 04, 2016

BT Expedite, the retail unit of BT, has implemented Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform to manage MySQL database clusters and achieve agility on BT Cloud.

Expedite provides IT managed services to 100 retailers in 170 countries globally, including several UK retail chains such as Primark, WHSmith, Warehouse and Jigsaw.

The company was searching for an IT system to manage traffic spikes on eCommerce platforms, particularly during Cyber Monday and Christmas in the UK.

Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform will enable Expedite customers to deal with increased traffic to web, content and blog sites when shoppers review blogs and forums while buying.

Expedite has established a database cluster within 15 minutes and optimised its eCommerce platform rapidly.

Severalnines also provided auto-recovery for data apart from repair and database failure detection alerts.

Expedite is currently managing six MySQL database clusters using ClusterControl platform.

BT Expedite head of managed hosting Dominic Day said: “ClusterControl has surpassed our expectations. It was a perfect fix to time-consuming issues, especially the scalability and availability of the blog section of our customers’ websites.

“We are confident with big retail events around the corner that our systems can withstand the growth of traffic fuelled by consumer decisions.

Severalnines CEO Vinay Joosery said: “Providing the right omni-channel experience through social, mobile, online and offline is where retailers are heading to, and an agile infrastructure that is cost-efficient is a key part of that.

“We have enjoyed working with the innovative team at BT to put in place a fully automated and cross data-centre database infrastructure on BT Cloud.”

The 7 most common mistakes startups make, and how to avoid them

January 20, 2016

"From my experience, an intense amount of funding in a short space of time can blur your ambitions and business objectives." - Vinay Joosery, CEO, Severalnines

TechWorld | By Scott Carey


Severalnines and Percona team up on MongoDB server

December 17, 2015

By Clare Hopping | CloudPro 

Severalnines and Percona have joined forces to offer ClusterControl for Percona Server for MongoDB, meaning customers can realise the benefits of Severalnines' ClusterControl for deploying, monitoring, managing and scaling their NoSQL database infrastructure on Percona's Server for MongoDB. Read the full story.

ClusterControl brings MongoDB into the fold for database management simplicity

December 17, 2015

By James Nunns | Computer Business Review

ClusterControl for Percona Server for MongoDB will support both on-premise and Amazon Web Services deployments, so that users will have flexibility in their deployments. Read the full story here.

Percona et Severalnines Élargissent leur Partenariat pour Inclure MongoDB

December 17, 2015


Percona, la société qui offre des solutions et services de classe Enterprise pour MySQL® et MongoDB®, annonce aujourd'hui l'élargissement de son partenariat avec Severalnines pour proposer ClusterControl pour Percona Server pour MongoDB, permettant ainsi aux abonnés du Support Percona pour MongoDB, d'accéder aux solutions avancées de déploiement, de surveillance, de gestion et d'évolution de Severalnines. Lire la news.

Percona und Severalnines erweitern Partnerschaft um MongoDB zu umfassen

December 17, 2015

By Unternehmen Heute

Severalnines ClusterControl unterstützt Unternehmen bei der Bereitstellung, Überwachung, Verwaltung und Skalierung von Percona Server für MongoDB. Hier die gesamte Meldung lesen.

Percona and Severalnines expand partnership to Include MongoDB

December 17, 2015

The combination of Percona Server for MongoDB and Severalnines ClusterControl enables businesses to automate the deployment, monitoring, managing and scaling a of a NoSQL database infrastructure. Read the full story in Cloud Computing Intelligence.

Data, the lifeblood of the scientific experiment

December 07, 2015

By Vinay Joosery | The Stack

The European Gravitational Observatory, which is part of a community of 19 different laboratories, is trying to determine the existence of gravitational waves, theorised by Albert Einstein. They implemented clustering technology to protect the data in case of a database outage but to also make it easier to share the data it has collected for the purpose of analysis by the other research teams. Read the full article.

Severalnines aims for the stars with EGO boost

November 24, 2015

The Virgo experiment into the proof of Einstein’s Gravitational Waves required a solution capable of handling six terabytes of data every day and chose Severalnines. Read the full story in Cloud Computing Intelligence