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2017 predictions: Big data and its coming of age

January 03, 2017

Big data may have had a quiet year but it’s definitely not going away, so here’s what to look out for in 2017 according to CBR Online's guest commentators, one of them being our CEO, Vinay Joosery. Read the story. 

Santa's 7 Gifts For Software Developers

December 20, 2016

Find out how Vinay Joosery, CEO at Severalnines, wants to use his holidays wish to bring developers more automated infrastructures. Read the article. 

Eurofunk replaces Oracle with feature-rich Severalnines ClusterControl

November 30, 2016

Severalnines, Europe's leading database management software provider, today announced Eurofunk, one of the largest European command centre system specialists, as its latest customer. Severalnines was brought on board to help manage the databases used by European blue light services' command centres who are responsible for dispatching response teams to emergencies. Eurofunk also provides command centres for well-known car manufacturers. Read the story. 

Severalnines Fights Cloud Lock-In With Holistic Cluster Software

November 17, 2016

NinesControl platform allows developers to deploy their open source database on any cloud, with AWS and DigitalOcean being the focus on initial roll-out. Read the article.

Severalnines sidesteps cloud 'vendor lock-in'

November 16, 2016

Severalnines, the provider of database infrastructure management software, has launched its new product, NinesControl. Built on the capabilities of Severalnines' popular ClusterControl, NinesControl is a database management cloud service that enables developers to easily, uniformly and transparently deploy and manage polyglot databases on any cloud, with no need to install anything. Read the article

Severalnines makes cloud lock-in a thing of the past for MongoDB users

November 15, 2016

NinesControl is a database management cloud service that enables developers to easily, uniformly and transparently deploy and manage polyglot databases on any cloud, with no need to install anything. Read the article

Football’s next great superstar will be found with Big Data

October 24, 2016

How can football managers make sure their star signings are going to work out? Technology used by sports teams requires data platforms to manage large scale data and churn it out in easily attainable bites for football managers. In football, the Wyscout platform arms footballing superpowers such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Arsenal with performance statistics, adding 1000 plus new matches every week, generating and tending over 250,000 player profiles. Read the article. 

Scouting network used by Real Madrid bolsters platform

October 12, 2016

Database infrastructure provider Severalnines has signed up the world's leading football scouting network Wyscout, also used by Leicester City, Arsenal and Juventus. Read the article

How the humble database can help prevent insurance fraud

August 12, 2016

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently stated that last year saw nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes take place in 2015, in the UK. What is more, these crimes impact everyone in some way. Take insurance fraud for instance; personal premiums may rise as insurance providers seek to recover the money lost. Ultimately, this is a problem which needs tackling from the ground up. A commentary by Vinay Joosery on the significance of having a solid database infrastructure in place. Read the full article. 

SVG Europe: Severalnines kicks off online European football streaming

July 01, 2016

Severalnines, a database performance management provider, announced its latest customer, StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group), a UK-based pioneer in the field of bespoke online video streaming and content management. StreamAMG is Europe’s largest player in online video solutions, helping football teams such as Liverpool FC, Aston Villa, Sunderland AFC and the BBC keep fans watching from across the world. Read the article.