Join the globally distributed Severalnines team

Senior Support Engineer (APAC timezone)

Looking to join a vibrant startup with the security of an established team and product?

We're looking for a great support engineer to join our support team. Our support team is dedicated to helping and educating people who use our flagship product, ClusterControl. Whether our colleagues are working on troubleshooting a complex customer issue, teaching someone how to use a feature or discussing new feature requests with our development team, they can always be found going above and beyond the call of duty. Our customers and users are their main priority at all times and we’re looking for someone with an equally customer-focussed mind-set.

This position requires advanced troubleshooting skills and creative problem solving capabilities. You will work remotely as there is no central office, and most of us work from their homes. You will also work as a part of the on-call rotation.

What we're looking for:

5 years experience with MySQL in production environments

Advanced knowledge of MySQL Clustering and Replication

  • Galera

  • MySQL Replication (async/semi)

  • MySQL troubleshooting, configuration and query tuning


5 years experience with PostgreSQL in production environments

  • Streaming replication

  • PostgreSQL troubleshooting, configuration and query tuning

Advanced knowledge of PostgreSQL High Availability is a plus

Experience with database design, administration and architecture

Experience with NoSQL databases in production environments

  • For example MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase

Experience with AWS administration in production environments

3 years experience with Linux systems administration

  • OS, network, filesystems and hardware configuration/tuning/troubleshooting

  • Expertise in virtualization technologies (docker, xen, AWS EC2, vmware for example)

  • Knowledge of mid/large data center environments

  • Demonstrable experience and knowledge of the LAMP stack

  • Intermediate/advanced knowledge of bash scripting

  • Experience with configuration management like chef, puppet or ansible is a plus

  • Experience with ProxySQL, HAProxy, Keeaplived, PGBouncer and other load balancers is a plus.

Programming and scripting abilities

  • php, python and other languages is a plus

Experience in working remotely from home and collaborating with team members located in other countries

Excellent written/spoken English skills

Technologies that we currently use:

  • RDBMS: MySQL, MariaDB Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster, Codership Galera Cluster, MySQL Cluster (NDB), MySQL Replication, PostgreSQL, TimeScaleDB

  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis

  • Loadbancers: HAProxy, ProxySQL, MaxScale, PGBouncer

  • OS: Ubuntu/Debian, Redhat/Centos, Amazon Linux

Classic LAMP stack

AWS and OpenStack

To apply, please email [email protected] with your CV and links to your github and/or LinkedIn profiles.