Join us on February 2nd for this new webinar on Managing MySQL Replication for High Availability led by Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. This is part of our ongoing ‘Become a ClusterControl MySQL DBA’ series.

Deploying a MySQL Replication topology is only the beginning of your journey. Maintaining it also involves topology changes, managing slave lag, promoting slaves, repairing replication issues, fixing broken nodes, managing schema changes and scheduling backups. Multi-datacenter replication also adds another dimension of complexity. It is always good to be prepared up front and know how to deal with these cases.

In this webinar we will cover deployment and management of MySQL replication topologies using ClusterControl, show how to schedule backups, promote slaves and what are the most important metrics to keep a close eye on. We will also cover how you can deal with schema and topology changes and, if time permits, solve the most common replication issues.


Deployment of MySQL replication topologies using ClusterControl

Schedule backups

Promote slaves

Important metrics to keep an eye on

Dealing with schema and topology changes

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