Jun 21 2016

A combination of a buoyant private funding market and the various burdensome factors attached to going public means that a number of the UK's newest and most valuable tech companies are choosing to stay private. With quotes by Severalnines' Vinay Joosery.

May 31 2016

Fast, thorough database technology helps IIL handle over 100 million transactions a day. "ClusterControl gives us detailed insight into our database clusters in an intuitive format." Read the story. 

May 23 2016

Online services have become an integral part of consumer culture. Customers want instant reach to the companies they buy from, and adoption of digital advances in retail, music and banking confirm that customers yearn for more advanced ways of interaction.

Mar 31 2016

With advances in cloud services and videoconferencing technologies, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to be virtual, meaning the majority or entirety of their team telecommutes 100% of the time. Severalnines is listed by Forbes in this article on home-office structured companies.

Feb 26 2016

The UK's top data leaders and influencers were honoured at a glittering awards ceremony in London and Severalnines' Vinay Joosery wins with 4 others in the category 'Database'. Read the story

Feb 17 2016

What if you can’t get the finance you need? Or don’t want to borrow? Accessing money can be time-consuming and frustrating. Three reasons why many businesses actively choose to self-fund. With thoughts on the topic by Severalnines' Vinay Joosery. Read the story

Feb 4 2016

BT Expedite, the retail unit of BT, has implemented Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform to manage MySQL database clusters and achieve agility on BT Cloud.
Expedite provides IT managed services to 100 retailers in 170 countries globally, including several UK retail chains such as Primark, WHSmith, Warehouse and Jigsaw.

Jan 20 2016

"From my experience, an intense amount of funding in a short space of time can blur your ambitions and business objectives." - Vinay Joosery, CEO, Severalnines

TechWorld | By Scott Carey


Dec 17 2015

By Clare Hopping | CloudPro 

Dec 17 2015

By James Nunns | Computer Business Review