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Your Database, Any Cloud - Introducing NinesControl (beta)


Get an Early Look at the New NinesControl (beta)

We’re excited to announce NinesControl, a developer friendly service to deploy and manage MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB clusters using your preferred Cloud Provider.

Building systems for the cloud today means designing an application and database architecture that is both resilient and scalable. However, setting up a database cluster can be time consuming and complex.

What is NinesControl?

NinesControl is a new online service for developers. With a couple of simple steps, you can deploy and manage MySQL, MariaDB and MongoDB clusters on your prefered public cloud.

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Who is it for?

NinesControl is specifically designed with developers in mind. It is currently in beta for DigitalOcean users, before we expand the service to other public cloud providers.

How does NinesControl work?

NinesControl is an online service that is fully integrated with DigitalOcean. Once you register for the service and provide your DigitalOcean “access key”, the service will launch droplets in your region of choice and provision database nodes on them.

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