Join us for the first part of our upcoming webinar trilogy on MySQL Query Tuning. Over the course of three in-depth webinar sessions led by Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines, we’ll cover SQL tuning, indexing, the MySQL optimizer and how to leverage EXPLAIN to gain insight into execution plans.

Tuning MySQL queries and indexes can significantly increase the performance of your application as well as decrease response times, when done right. This is why we’re covering this complex topic over the course of three webinars of 60 minutes each.

This first part of the trilogy focuses on the query tuning process and related tools. Building, collecting, analysing, tuning and testing will be discussed in detail as well as the main tools involved, tcpdump and pt-query-digest.

Date & Registration

Part 1: Query tuning process and tools

Tuesday, August 30th


Feel free to also register for Parts 2 & 3.


  • MySQL Query Tuning Trilogy: Process and tools
  • Query tuning process
    • Build
    • Collect
    • Analyse
    • Tune
    • Test
  • Tools
    • tcpdump
    • pt-query-digest


Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines, is a MySQL DBA with experience in managing complex database environments for companies like Zendesk, Chegg, Pinterest and Flipboard. He’s the main author of the Severalnines blog and webinar series: Become a MySQL DBA.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

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