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We need your feedback: please participate in our open source database management survey

February 09, 2016
Posted in: Company News

As members of the wider open source database users community, we’d like you to participate in our open source database deployment and management survey.

Your input will help us make our resources and tools for deploying, monitoring, managing and scaling databases of even more use to the community. It will give us valuable insight into the challenges you face when operating databases.

Please take the survey today by providing your input below; this will take approx. 5 minutes of your time.


We’ll share the results of the survey once we have compiled your responses.

Thank you!

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Announcing Eurofunk as our latest customer, who replaced Oracle with ClusterControl to deploy, monitor and manage the back-end MySQL Galera Cluster and associated database load balancers.

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About cloud lock-in and open source databases

Vinay Joosery
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Today we’re announcing NinesControl, a database management cloud service, which enables developers to uniformly and transparently deploy and manage polyglot open source databases on any cloud, with no vendor lock-in.

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We’re keeping the tills ringing at eCommerce platform vidaXL

November 09, 2016

Announcing our new customer, eCommerce platform vidaXL, who use ClusterControl to manage their MongoDB & MySQL database to help them compete with the world's largest e-commerce platforms.