We're looking for a great and customer focused support engineer (preferably in North American/European timezones) to join our small and agile support team. This position is full-time and pay is negotiable. The hours are flexible and work can be done remotely; in fact, it will need to be done remotely, we all work from home ;-)

Severalnines is a self-funded startup with a dozen employees; headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and with a globally distributed, home-office based team. We provide automation and management software for database clusters. Our ClusterControl product is the leading database automation platform for database clusters and is used by thousands of companies.

We were founded in 2011 and launched our product that same year, so you’ll be working with a popular, tried & tested product. There is opportunity to have an immediate impact though as we’re a small team and there is plenty of work to be done as the product continues to gain in popularity and our user-base continuously grows. 

The ideal candidate has the following skills set (see full description): 

  • 5 years experience with MySQL in production environments
  • Advanced knowledge of MySQL Clustering and Replication
    • Galera
    • NDB
    • MySQL Replication (async/semi)
  • Experience with database design, administration and architecture
  • Experience with NoSQL databases in production environments
    • For example MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak
  • Experience with AWS and/or OpenStack administration in production environments
    • Expertise in virtualization technologies (docker, xen, AWS EC2, vmware for example)
  • Experience in working remotely from home and collaborating with team members located in other countries
  • Good written/spoken English skills

A full job description can be found here:

Because this is a startup, there is potential to grow, depending on the candidate’s desires and company needs. This position can begin immediately.

Please submit a short cover letter and CV to


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