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Planets9s - Watch the replay: How To Set Up SQL Load Balancing with HAProxy

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Welcome to this week’s Planets9s, covering all the latest resources and technologies we create around automation and management of open source databases.

Watch the replay: How To Set Up SQL Load Balancing with HAProxy

This webinar covers the concepts around the popular open-source HAProxy load balancer, and shows you how to use it with your SQL-based database clusters. High availability strategies for HAProxy with Keepalived and Virtual IP are also discussed. This is a great webinar to watch as a complement to our popular load balancing tutorial.

Watch the replay

Sign up for our best practices webinar on how to upgrade to MySQL 5.7

Join us next Tuesday for this live webinar on best practices for upgrading to MySQL 5.7!

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning an upgrade like this, such as important changes between versions 5.6 and 5.7 as well as the detailed testing that needs to precede any upgrade process. Amongst other things, we’ll look at how to best research, prepare and perform such tests before the time comes to finally start the upgrade.

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Success story: iyzico uses ClusterControl to increase MySQL database uptime

Discover why ClusterControl was chosen by iyzico, a PCI DSS Level-1 certified Payment Service Provider in Turkey, to manage its high availability databases across multiple datacenters. It took only three weeks for iyzico to go live on ClusterControl.

Read the customer success story

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