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This is a new webinar trilogy on MySQL Query Tuning, which follows the popular webinar on MySQL database performance tuning. In this trilogy, we will look at query tuning process and tools to help with that. We’ll cover topics such as SQL tuning, indexing, the optimizer and how to leverage EXPLAIN to gain insight into execution plans. This is a proper deep-dive into optimising MySQL queries, which we’re covering in three parts.

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ClusterControl Developer Studio: MongoDB Replication Lag Advisor

This blog post explains, step by step, how we implemented our MongoDB replication lag advisor in our Developer Studio. We have included this advisor in ClusterControl 1.3.2, and enabled it by default on any MongoDB cluster or replica set. ClusterControl Developer Studio allows you to write your own scripts, advisors and alerts. With just a few lines of code, you can already automate your clusters. Happy clustering!

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MySQL on Docker: Single Host Networking for MySQL Containers

Having covered the basics of running MySQL in a container and how to build a custom MySQL image in our previous MySQL on Docker posts, we are now going to cover the basics of how Docker handles single-host networking and how MySQL containers can leverage that. We’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment on our blogs as well.

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