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Sign up for our webinar on MySQL Query Tuning - Process & Tools

Join us for the first part of our upcoming webinar trilogy on MySQL Query Tuning led by Krzysztof Książek, Senior Support Engineer at Severalnines. This session focuses on the query tuning process and related tools. Building, collecting, analysing, tuning and testing will be discussed in detail as well as the main tools involved, tcpdump and pt-query-digest.

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Check out our new #ClusterControl CrowdChat

This week we launched a new CrowdChat to discuss all things #ClusterControl, which is hosted by our team of subject matter experts. CrowdChat is a community platform that works across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to allow you to discuss a topic using a specific #hashtag. This crowdchat focuses on the hashtag #ClusterControl. So if you’re a DBA, architect, CTO, or a database novice, register to join and become part of the conversation!

Check out the #ClusterControl CrowdChat

ClusterControl Tips & Tricks: Customising Your Database BackUps

ClusterControl provides centralized backup management and it supports the standard mysqldump and Percona Xtrabackup backup methods. We believe the chosen command line arguments for the respective methods are optimal for most database workloads, and comply with the MySQL backup best practices. We are influenced by all the feedback we have received over the years, when working with DBAs and sysadmins. However, you might still want to customize your backup. This blog post shows you how to do this.

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