For an online shop, the website is the cash register. It has to be open for business 24 hours a day.

As the ops person on duty, when you get a call at 3am after your website went down, your priority number one is to restore the service asap. But why can we not have our application stack automatically recover, and not have the pager wake us at all? Why do we still stick to tedious manual processes, which take up time and resources, and hinder future growth?

Infrastructure automation isn’t easy, but it’s not rocket science either, says Riaan Nolan. Riaan has been in operations for the past decade, and has built over a dozen eCommerce properties. Automation is a worthwhile investment for retailers serious about eCommerce, but deciding on which tools to invest in can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

Join us for this webinar to understand the key pain points that online retailers experience which indicate it’s time to invest in database automation. Our guest speaker this time will be Riaan Nolan of Foodpanda, Rocket Internet’s global online food delivery marketplace operating in over 40 countries. 


New Webinar: A DevOps Guide to Database Infrastructure Automation for eCommerce





Tuesday, February 17th 2015 at 09:00 GMT (UK) / 10:00 CET (Germany, France, Sweden)

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North America/LatAm

Tuesday, February 17th 2015 at 9:00 Pacific Time (US) / 12:00 Eastern Time (US)

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  • eCommerce infrastructure challenges in 2014
  • Provisioning of test/QA and highly available production environments across multi-datacenter and multi-cloud environments
  • Building and maintaining configuration management systems such as Puppet and Chef
  • Enabling self-service infrastructure services to internal dev teams
  • Health and performance monitoring 
  • Capacity analysis and planning
  • Elastic scaling 
  • Automating failure handling
  • Disaster recovery




     Riaan Nolan

  • Expert Live Systems Administrator, foodpanda | Hellofood
  • Senior Systems Administrator / Infrastructure Lead, Rocket Internet GmbH
  • Senior Technology Manager, Africa Internet Accelerator
  • Uses Amazon EC2, VPC and Autoscale with Cloudformation.
  • First Puppet Labs Certified Professional in South Africa. 
  • Specialties: Puppet Automation, Cloud Deployments, eCommerce, eMarketing, Specialized Linux Services, Windows, Process making, Budgets, Asset Tracking, Procurement



About foodpanda

  • Founded in May 2012
  • Operating in more than 40 countries across five continents
  • Active in more than 500 cities around the world
  • Partners with more than 30,000 restaurants globally
  • With a team of more than 800 people worldwide
  • Headquartered in Berlin


We look forward to “seeing” you there and to insightful discussions!

If you have any questions or would like a personalised live demo, please do contact us.

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