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January 28, 2016
Posted in: Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re looking into ways to automate various aspects of administering your open source databases or to take better control of your data, we have the relevant whitepaper that will help you in your quest and hopefully provide you with good food for thought on how to achieve your database management objectives.

Management and Automation of Open Source Databases

As the adoption of open source databases, such as MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL or MongoDB, increases in the enterprise, especially for mission-critical applications, so does the need for robust and integrated tools. Operational staff need to able to manage everything from provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the database environment. This is needed to minimize the risk for service outages or poor application performance.

This whitepaper discusses the database infrastructure lifecycle, what tools to build (or buy) for effective management, database deployment options beyond Chef or Puppet, important aspects of monitoring and managing open source database infrastructures and how ClusterControl enables a systematic approach to open source database operations.

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